Our Story

I'll be honest. This wasn't expected. When 2012 started, my wife and I were working at a tech start-up. I had just been promoted and was heading-up the marketing team. Jessica was doing the same in project management. We had just welcomed our first son into the world. Then the company closed in February. The majority of our savings was in stock, which evaporated.

We had to get creative.

My father was a barber of 30 years, turned wood-worker in his retirement. He made me some pens. I thought they were pretty cool. After some research I found some woods with crazy stories and got the idea for Allegory. We decided to launch it on Kickstarter and hopefully make enough money to buy us time in our job search. It ended up doing a lot more than that.

Allegory is more than a brand

It's taught us to look deeper into the products we buy. Our tag line "everything has a story" sounds pretty cliche at first. But we really believe there's a largely forgotten truth there. Before starting this company we'd never really made much that was tangible. But we used tons of stuff. The realization that there's a whole bunch of humans on the other end of every one of our purchasing decisions was life changing.

I don't think we were the only ones living that life.

So now Allegory is about subtly asking folks to look deeper: to the stories, and the people behind the things they use every day. We're deeply thankful for the thousands of people who've help made this a reality by supporting our work, and excited to welcome you as you join in.

- Chad