The Wanderer Series

The Wanderer Series


Pre-order now for delivery in early December!

All aboard! The Wanderer Series click pen is the newest edition to our collection, Kickstarted in August 2019. We’re finishing up shipping the Kickstarter orders, but you can pre-order your Wanderer Series pen now.

  • This click pen, handcrafted using wood reclaimed from decommissioned railway boxcars, is durable enough for any journey.

  • Available in two hardware finishes: brass or aluminum.

  • The pen has an all-metal click mechanism which is the secret to its durability and the micro-knurled grip will ensure a comfortable and secure grip.

  • The clip hardware is extremely durable, and the matte finish matches the click mechanism.

  • Guaranteed for life. No questions asked.

  • See reviews and testimonials from our customers.

Hardware Finish:
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  • Size: 5.5 inches long.

  • Weight: Aluminum hardware options is .9 oz. Brass hardware option is 1.3 oz.

  • Refills: Parker type ballpoint. Ships with a basic refill installed.

  • Limited Edition: Each pen is part of the 1,000 pen series and is engraved with its own unique serial number.

  • Packaging: Each pen ships with an Allegory leather pen sleeve engraved with the matching serial number and a Kraft paper penvelope.

The Wanderer Series

Made with wood reclaimed from decommissioned railway boxcars, is durable enough for any journey. The matching leather journal is designed for the road and has a few tricks up its sleeve to help you stay organized along the way.

What’s In the Box?


Each Allegory pen ships in a handmade envelope, with a leather carrying sleeve, and a booklet that tells the amazing stories of the woods. Our limited editions also include a numbered and signed certificate of authenticity.

A Simple Guarantee

Everything we make is guaranteed for life, no questions asked. From your initial satisfaction to repairs 10 years from now. If you’re wondering “is x covered” it probably is. We even offer discounts to replace lost or stolen items. In short, we want you to love it forever and we’re not messing around.

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