The Kit Slim

The Kit Slim


The Slim is as thin as it gets without compromising on durability or style. Two custom pockets frame a center pocket that expands when you need it, but stays flat when you don't. The center pocket loads from the corner to lock cards in and makes it easy to browse through to find the one you need. If you carry cash, we recommend one of our four Cash Pockets which have more tricks up their sleeve, but we'll get to that later.

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Slim Details: (measurements are taken with the wallet empty)

  • 4.4 inches (112 mm) tall
  • 3.4 inches (86 mm) wide
  • 2-4 mm thick
  • Center pocket can hold up to the equivalent of a stack of roughly 40 business cards! 
  • Currency compatibility - center pocket requires bills to be folded twice. All Cash Pockets will hold any currency.

The Kit Slim is actually one of three different customizable wallets we make.

Great for if you usually carry a larger number of bills but still like a slimmer wallet:

Great for if you like a more traditional bi-fold wallet with lots of pockets and a designated cash pocket: