The Kit Clip

The Kit Clip


The Clip is still very slim, but if you carry cash often, or would like a little more organization, this is the one for you. The Clip's feature two custom pocket panels, and opens to reveal two all-purpose pockets and an ultra-slim spring money clip down the center of the wallet. It's extremely easy to flip through your bills to find the ones you need. You can also attach a key ring to the spring clip, and remove it without removing the cash.

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Clip Details: (measurements are taken with the wallet empty and closed)

  • 4.55 inches (115 mm) wide 
  • 3.2  inches (80 mm) tall
  • 4-7 mm thick 
  • The two all-purpose pockets on the inside comfortably carry the equivalent of about 20 business cards each.
  • Currency compatibility - The Clip will fit any currency but works best with bills the size of a €50 note or smaller.

The Kit Slim is actually one of three different customizable wallets we make.

Great for a super minimal feel that still holds a lot:

Great for if you like a more traditional bi-fold wallet with lots of pockets and a designated cash pocket: