2-Pen Tool Case

2-Pen Tool Case


Our 2-pen writing tool case is designed to carry two of your favorite pens in style with maximum protection.  Guaranteed for life. No questions asked. See reviews and testimonials from our customers.

Leather Color:
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Ecuadorian Latigo Leather


Allegory's Ecuadorian Latigo Leather brings together sustainability, durability, and luxury. The latigo tanning process is a hybrid of vegetable and chrome tanning, yielding durability and character while minimizing chemicals and pollutants. We source from Ecuador, where much of the leather comes from smaller family farms which are less taxing on both the environment and the animals.  The brown leathers feature a matte finish, which will emphasize wear and character, but can be easily restored if cleaned and conditioned, allowing you to dial-in the perfect amount of patina for you. The black features a smooth pebble finish that will maintain its polished appearance for years to come.


A Simple Guarantee

Everything we make is guaranteed for life, no questions asked. From your initial satisfaction to repairs 10 years from now. If you’re wondering “is x covered” it probably is. We even offer discounts to replace lost or stolen items. In short, we want you to love it forever and we’re not messing around.