Stories from our customers

If you haven't already picked up on this, we LOVE great stories. Our materials and our handcrafting process are just the beginning of that story. The rest of the story is yours, and honestly, that's our favorite part. We love hearing how you guys are using the pieces we put our heart into. Here are just a few stories you've shared over the years...

I came across Allegory shortly after my father passed away of cancer in November, 2014. I was pleased to see they made some pens with Bethlehem Olivewood, which is the same wood his rosary beads were made of. I shared with some family members, and we decided to order some of these pens as a symbol of having dad with us throughout our day.

I shared the story with the folks at Allegory, and I was totally taken aback by their empathy and compassion to make us a special product. They made accommodations to ship the pens to various locations to us across the country. They also engraved the pens with dad’s initials and engraved some of his special last words to us on a wood gift box. It was evident that the folks at Allegory knew that this order has more meaning than any other set of pens.

It is great to see a company such as Allegory that takes pride in making long-lasting things for people to cherish and enjoy. Dad always took pride in his ability to work with his hands to make a life for us kids, and carrying a Allegory pen with his initials is special way in honoring his legacy.
— -Dan Lanari, 2014

I am the youngest in an incredibly close family of seven and am known to start searching for Christmas presents in January. I search for unique, high quality items that have meaning and are generally practical in nature. I was thrilled when I came across the original Allegory collection. The pens hit all of my criteria! I worked with the Allegory team to customize pens for my entire family, and when one pen had a mistake on the engraving, the Allegory team was quick to fix it.

At Christmas the pens were a big hit (no surprise) and I occasionally get Instagram pics from my siblings of them using their pens. My siblings are spread out all over the country, but knowing they are using those pens somehow links us all a little closer together as they serve as a daily reminder of our love for each other.
— Kickstarter Backer, 2014

Just a love note: Thanks for the awesome wallet! It’s the best one I’ve ever owned!! I had the Kit 1.0 which was good but had its flaws but the Kit 2.0 is better than ever! I will be back for more wallets in the future. Thanks again, I recommend this 10/10. It’s light, slim, and holds everything I need because I was able to customize it to what I needed. Perfect product.
— Kickstarter Backer, October 2014

I just wanted to say that I’ve been absolutely thrilled with your product so far. I’ve been carrying around a big thick wallet for no reason for years because I never felt like anything more minimal would suffice - but since I’ve gotten your kit wallet, I’ve been able to downsize my carrying essentials significantly.

I used to always misplace my wallet and or keys throughout the week, but using the zipper pouch option has allowed me to keep my keys and small key has totally eliminated that frustration from my life.

I just have to say thank you for creating a product that finally allowed me to overcome years of “meh” wallets and random frustrations.
— Kickstarter Backer, 2014

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