Your secret weapon awaits...

Make your own path.We'll make the tools you need.

If you're going to build something better, you need the right tools, so there are three key ingredients to everything we make:

  • Made for the long haul: Timeless design and a lifetime guarantee ensure that you'll love it just as much on day 10,000 as on day one.
  • A story that fits with yours: If your Allegory product is truly going to be a companion on your journey, we think you deserve to be proud of where it came from. So we source our materials for a great story, and run our shop so that the people working there love their job.
  • Make it yours: We try to re-create the experience of working with a local craftsman by offering you tons of options to customize, personalize, or otherwise tailor your stuff to fit your life.

We think you deserve something made just for you, by people who love their work, with a great story to tell. If you think so too, use the coupon code "YOURPATH" at checkout for 10% off.

Check out a few of our best sellers:


Bulletproof Padfolio

Tech pockets and a kydex core. Make the whole meeting jealous.


1941 Series

Made with the deck of a WWII Battleship.

Flight Satchel

Minimal laptop bag. Shines when traveling.

The Perfect Dopp Kit

Waterproof Ecuadorian Latigo Leather. Classic Design. Absurd durability.

Copy of IMG_2823.JPG

The Dynamo

50,000 year old wood from an ancient forest. No joke.