Allegory Macana Bag Kickstarter Project

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On November 11, Allegory will be launching a Kickstarter project to fund the Macana Bag.

The Macana Bag is handcrafted with a minimalist design on the exterior and the interior reveals a living piece of human history. Perfect for the socially-conscious consumer who values both form and function. The lining is a hand-woven, beautifully crafted fabric made using Incan traditions, supporting and preserving the artisanal traditions of Ecuador.

Media Contact

Beth Swierk
Finn Partners
(312) 329-3911


This project is being supported by ProEcuador, an organization within the Ecuadorian government focused on creating international business opportunities for Ecuadorian companies and bringing investment to Ecuador. ProEcuador focuses not only on creating these business opportunities, but has a deep commitment to supporting the culture and communities around these companies. Their involvement means that this project, if successful, can have far reaching impact in many artisinal communities through other projects like the Macana Bag

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