our Leathers

Ecuadorian Latigo

  • Respect the Animal: We're not big fans of how the cattle industry in America treats animals. So we sought out our leather from a place where virtually all cattle are free-range, grass-fed, and factory farms are nearly impossible to find.

  • Character by design: The finish of our latigo leather is designed to show marks and age very easily but just as easily have them buffed out. The idea here is that you can dial in how much age/character you want your piece to show based on how often you oil treat it.

  • Hydrophobic treatment: If you made a bag from this leather and filled it with water it would take eight hours for the first drop to hit the floor. Pretty sweet.

Kangaroo Leather

  • Yoga Pants: This leather will wrap around and conform to whatever you put in it. So when you change what you keep in a pocket give it a few days to adjust.
  • Extremely Sustainable: Kangaroo leather is arguably the most sustainable mass-produced leather. The animals have an excellent quality of life and are at constant risk of overpopulation.
  • Thin and strong: Kangaroo has the highest tensile strength per mm of thickness of any leather. It's full grain at right around 1mm. This makes it perfect for the small, pocket-able pieces we make with it.

Care & FAQ (all leathers)

  • It will break in: Generally, leathers that are super soft and flexible on day one are pre-treated. These treatments try to simulate the natural break-in process in a few minutes and decrease the longevity of your leather. We don't mess around with that stuff. So your Allegory leather piece may feel a little stiff at first. This is because we want it to last and work better over time instead of falling apart.
  • It was alive: The animal your leather piece came from lived a full life, and has the marks to prove it. Leathers with a pristine, unmarked look are either faking it or ridiculously expensive. And most of the ways this look is faked reduce the durability substantially.
  • It's kinda alive still: Leather breathes, and in doing so, it absorbs and loses moisture and oils. Keeping the right oils in and the wrong ones out is the key to having your piece age beautifully. We recommend monthly cleanings with saddle soap followed by a conditioning/oiling treatment.
  • Lasers dude: We use a laser cutting and engraving process for our leather goods. Occasionally this might result in a dark smudge here or there. If you're not a fan, just hit it with a little saddle soap.