The Aficionado Revolucion

The Aficionado Revolucion


Our very first limited edition run of 100 pens crafted with a wood relic from the Cuban Revolution. We made the last Aficionado Revolucion in 2016. If you must have a piece of this history though we have just a couple small pieces left in our private stock for customs!

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Limited Editions

Occasionally we come across something truly special - a piece of reclaimed wood that directly took part in history. 

All limited editions are a fixed, numbered release and include a certificate of authenticity signed by our founder. 

Primary Wood: Cuban Mahogany

During the final days of the Cuban revolution in 1959, top ranking officials of the Batista regime were fleeing Cuba by any means they could, fearing reprisal from the incoming Castro government. Several of those officials either bought passage on merchant ships or stole the ships outright. The cargo of the stolen vessels was often sold at auction due to strained relationships between the US and the new Cuban government. The mahogany used in The Aficionado Revolucion was among that stolen cargo. Additionally, the Castro regime quickly halted all export of Cuban mahogany. So this stolen cargo represents some of the last mahogany to leave Cuba prior to that ban.

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Inlay: Ancient Kauri

50,000 years ago in what is now Northern New Zealand, a major natural event felled huge forests of Kauri trees that had been growing for some 2,000 years. This event also created bogs in the area, which protected these giants from the elements. Today these trees are typically found under farmland, where they are excavated carefully and the ground is returned to its previous contours.

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The following refills are compatible:

Ballpoint - Parker-style ballpoint refill