Model R - Workhorse Collection

Model R - Workhorse Collection


The Model R features a minimalist body and a world-class writing experience. The 110 mm rollerball refill will let you choose from some of the smoothest writing refills on the market. The sleek cap posts to either end with a satisfying click. Workhorse Collection pens allow you to choose your favorite wood and story (see below).

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    • Comes with a Schneider Topball 850 rollerball refill, compatible with any Euro rollerball refill. 
    • Length closed: 5.10 inches 
    • Length without cap: 4.75 inches 
    • Length with cap posted: 7.60 inches 
    • Diameter: .45 inches 
    • Weight 1.1 oz

    Woods with jaw-dropping stories

    The Workhorse Collection is a rugged, minimalist set of writing tools handcrafted from woods with mind-blowing stories. And for the first time we're letting you choose both the design and the wood/story that are right for you. Hold a piece of 5,000 year old oak unearthed from an ancient swamp, or a chunk of pre-industrial Americana every time you write.

    Scroll through to see the woods, read their amazing stories, and dream up the perfect combination for you.