Model C Set

Model C Set

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  • Before the ubiquitous fidget spinner was the old standard - the click pen. This gift set includes a Model C pen AND pencil along with a wood gift box.

  • The pen uses a Parker style refill.

  • The pencil uses .7mm lead and has a hidden eraser.

  • Workhorse Collection pens allow you to choose your favorite wood and story (see below).

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  • The Model C Set comes with one pen and one pencil in a wood gift box.

  • Comes with a Parker style gel refill, compatible with any Parker style refill. The pencil uses .5 mm lead.

  • Length Pen: 5.50 inches

  • Length Pencil: 5.75 inches

  • Diameter: .44 inches

  • Weight: 1 oz

The Workhorse Collection

The Workhorse Collection is a rugged, minimalist set of writing tools handcrafted from woods with mind-blowing stories. And for the first time we're letting you choose both the design and the wood/story that are right for you. Hold a piece of 5,000 year old oak unearthed from an ancient swamp, or a chunk of pre-industrial Americana every time you write.

Woods with jaw-dropping stories

Scroll through to see the woods, read their amazing stories, and dream up the perfect combination for you.

A Simple Guarantee

Everything we make is guaranteed for life, no questions asked. From your initial satisfaction to repairs 10 years from now. If you’re wondering “is x covered” it probably is. We even offer discounts to replace lost or stolen items. In short, we want you to love it forever and we’re not messing around.

Check out how we make our pens.

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