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Macana Bags

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The Macana Bag is a modern minimalist messenger bag designed to bring some story to your daily carry.

We handcraft each of our Macana Bags to order. Due to current order volume production can take 6-8 weeks. When you place your order we will be in touch to work out shipping timelines and final specs.

Macana Design:
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The Macana Bag was created with the help of the Kickstarter community, here’s the video that started it all:

The Macana Bag Is...

  • An Ancient Tradition: The modern minimalist bag that reveals a brightly colored handwoven lining when opened. This lining is an art form that dates back to the Incas. It is handwoven and naturally-dyed. This practice is at risk of being lost due to the modernization of the textiles industry.

  • Socially-Responsible: The Macana bag is designed to help preserve these artisinal traditions. A portion of the sales are re-invested into the artisans businesses through a mentoring program.

  • Your Bag, Your Story: You can customize the bag to your needs and tastes by choosing from two sizes, three leather colors, and five Macana designs.

  • Designed to Work: The design of the bag lives up to its story, with several unique and highly functional features.

  • Guaranteed for Life: It won't wear out, it will wear in. And in the rare occasion that something breaks, you can send it to us for repairs, for free, forever.

We've created the Macana bag with customizable options, so you can make it your own. Three simple choices, 30 different bag designs, one that's perfect for you. Just choose your size, leather color and macana design.

An Ancient Tradition

Outside of Cuenca, Ecuador, high in the Andes mountains, Jose and Anna Jimenez are working to keep an Incan tradition alive. They are weavers, primarily making a traditional shawl called the macana - a staple of the region's heritage. It’s handwoven using handmade looms, the dyes are made from rocks, plants and bugs harvested from their property, and the patterns are symbols of indigenous life in Ecuador. 

But as Ecuador modernizes, fewer and fewer people are wearing this traditional garment. So in order to help Jose and Anna preserve their weaving traditions we’ve built the Macana bags around the fabric they use in their shawls.