Content Camera Strap

Content Camera Strap

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The only camera strap you need, and the last one you’ll ever have to buy.

  • Adapts to your needs with 3 modes: Neck, Crossbody, & Leash.

  • Will outlast your next few cameras thanks to our lifetime guarantee.

  • Made in Chicago by people who love their jobs, and want you to love your gear.

  • Optional video kit upgrade turns your tripod or monopod into a stabilizer and silences hardware.

  • Will integrate with other components of the Content system, coming in 2019. Carry and wear all your gear in style, and your strap will learn some new tricks.

Video Kit Upgrade:
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3 Modes.

The only strap you need.








Our Guarantee.

The last strap you’ll ever have to buy.

Our guarantee is pretty straightforward. We’ll repair or replace any of our products, for life, no questions asked, no paperwork needed.


What’s in the box?

Crossbody Strap.jpg

Crossbody Strap

  • Quick swaps with Neck strap to switch to crossbody mode.

  • Adjustable straps attach each end to camera.

Neck Strap.jpg

Neck Strap

  • Quick swaps with Crossbody strap to switch to neck mode.

  • Adjustable straps attach each end to camera.

Adjustable Straps.jpg

2x Adjustable Straps

  • Easy adjustment with no bulky hardware or loose straps.

  • Quick detach clips.

  • Use one adjustable strap for leash mode.

The Materials.

Ecuadorian Latigo Leather

Waterproof, strong, ages beautifully.


Comfort Cotton Web

1.5 inch soft weave distributes weight.

Cotton Web.jpg

Quick Detach Hardware.

Chrome plated, minimalist, easy.


Optional Upgrade: Video Kit.

Silent hardware, and a stabilizer that fits in your pocket.

  • Get shoulder-rig level stabilization using your favorite tripod or monopod.

  • Put camera screen in ideal position for monitoring.

The kit includes:

  • 4x Leather wrap hardware silencers.

  • Belt-attachable holster for monopod or tripod foot.

Flip through the gallery for the details:

What’s next?

Content is coming in 2019

The content system is a modular carry and gear wearing solution. All the components will interact with each other, and your strap will get some cool new features connecting with the rest of the system.

The content system is designed for independent professionals who need versatile gear they can trust, but will suit the serious hobbyist as well. That’s all we can say for now, but pop your email in the form and you’ll be the first to see it when it launches.