Who we are

We are a team of designers, artists, and craftsmen who are passionate about making the objects in our lives meaningful again. We believe that carrying thoughtfully made things reminds us who we are.

Our writing instrument collections accomplish this mission through the stories of woods. Some are many thousands of years old, others witnessed amazing events or took long journeys. Our hope is that these woods connect you to something timeless.

What we believe

We believe that success and community go hand-in-hand. We believe it is possible to protect natural resources while using them to make great products. We believe that sharing opportunity with those who need it can create more opportunity for everyone. In short, we believe that greatness means more than either great success or good deeds alone. Greatness is when they happen at the same time.

We put this in practice through our corporate culture, sourcing of materials, and partnerships with the nonprofit sector. A great example is our tree-planting partnership with the National Forest Foundation, which plants a tree for every few pens we sell.

How we got started

We launched Allegory on Kickstarter, a website dedicated to crowdfunding for creative projects and products. The faith extended to us by the Kickstarter community spurred us on this journey, and we're eternally grateful. 

We have since committed to give the Kickstarter community early access to all our new products. For example, when we launched The Precision Collection Kickstarter got it first.